Neex box is a new traffic exchange service to increase the number of visitors to your site and boost alexa rank.

It's simple and easy:

Add your website

Visit other sites

They visit your site

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What are the features?

  • 15 sites
  • Ratio of 85%
  • Automatic submission
  • Custom timer 10 to 60sec
  • Hourly traffic control
  • Daily bonuses
  • Exchange points against minutes
  • Referral minutes earning upto 25%
  • Why choose us ?

    Nexbox offers more benefits when you register.
    You can add up to 15 sites, the ratio rises to 80%, offered 1000 minutes, 400 points available that you can redeem against 1000 minutes. Each purchase in the shop will add 400 points to your account.


  • 16/08/2016 - Neex Box is online since 15.08.2016. Do not hesitate to make known Neex Box around you, bonus points are earned. Thank you for your contribution. Happy surfing !!
  • 01/09/2016 - Neex Box is available in french
  • 21/10/2016 - Removing the premium access.